Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Basics of Karate-do Are Not Limited to Physical Techniques

I apologize for the length of time between posts. At the beginning of this Month, while in the middle of preparing for a number of projects that I currently have on the go, my computer broke down. To make a long story short, the hard drive needed to be replaced. This means that I lost some of the files that I didn't get backed up in time and I am going to need to start some things all over again, from scratch. This reminded me of getting back to the basics in our training. 'Speed bumps' and 'hick ups', Come when you least expect them and unlike the speed bumps on the road there are rarely warning signs to help you prepare yourself for them.

It seems that no matter how hard we train we can never seem be able to completely prepare for these setbacks. I am sure you will agree that they never seem to come at the times we think they should. However, when we look back, most of us say that they came when they were needed and, as a result, had a positive impact on our training. Or at the very least, took us in a new direction we would have otherwise never gone in. I hope the same will be true in this case as well. That is to say that I hope this small set-back will help me to be able to see new possibilities with regards to the projects that I am involved in now and my preparations can move forward in new and better directions that they may have otherwise never gone in. I am beginning to think more and more that perspective is the key.

(Karate-do Written in Kanji by the Author, 2015)